About TCTP

Rebuilding Our Country 1 City at a Time

We must get involved with our localities and adopt the ACORN model for true Constitutional grass-roots recovery.

Durable Solutions

What is a ‘durable solution?

It starts with you! Get involved and have TCTP help you run for a local position or state office.

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A few words about us

The mission of Tri-City Tea Party is to empower the people and take back our country.

Who is the Tri-City Tea Party?

A: An informed vigilant group of citizens engaged in their citizen duty to hold representatives accountable for Conservative fiscal and social values.


Our vision

To restore appropriate citizen power concerning excessive spending, taxation and social engineering. We intend to reestablish our federal, state and local governments to their Constitutional fidelity.

Allow us to share some quick points:

  • Restore our national sovereignty and border security.
  • Restore our educational system from the progressive history revisionism.
  • Commit ourselves to responsible and respectful Constitutional right of peacefully assemble and petitioning our government.
  • Restore the timeless documents for a Constitutional Republic by which this country was intended.

The people of the United States of America must participate in government and end the progressive concept of; “do not talk politics and religion”.

That progressive concept is destroying the very founding this country. We ‘the people‘ must engage in these very conversations or self governing dies.

Why we do what we do


What is patriotism? This is a great question and TCTP has the definitive answer. Based on the Michael Savage and our founders political philosophy, The three aspects that define a nation are borders, language, and culture.