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How It All Works: The Hidden Payoffs Liberals Get from Passing Bonds

In 2002 Vista Unified School District pushed to have a bond placed on the March ballot. The bureaucrats said they needed the bond passed to qualify for state matching funds.

At the time, however, there were no state matching funds, so the push by the bureaucrats seemed unreasonable.

At about the same time, 1,800 miles to the east in St. Louis, John Loudon, then a member of the Missouri Senate, watched a similar infrastructure bond being pushed.

Here is the neat Liberal funding trick he discovered:

  1. The Democrats steal from infrastructure maintenance funds to support their union contributors.
  2. Gradually, businesses need the infrastructure upgraded to attract customers.
  3. The Democrats then go to the business community and get their support for a bond campaign, which their campaign managers run, while local businesses fund the campaign.
  4. When it is all over, the Democrat campaign managers have an updated database to run the next candidate election. A tailored database is extraordinarily helpful in creating the right message to fool the voter.

This St. Louis bond story was duplicated in Vista. Once the school board placed the bond on the ballot, the business community funded the effort and an unknown Democrat, Carol Herrera, used the bond campaign funds to send out letters for months about the bond. This gave her name recognition. After the bond passed, Carol took, along with the database, the leftover bond funds for her school board campaign.

What was the real reason the bond needed to be on the March ballot? Because that gave Carol an 8-month head start on running for school board and a much better database. Once on the school board, Carol could continue to use taxes to buy the support of the union.  In 2006 she offered the union $6 million in raises–raises that cost many teachers their jobs because the raises weren’t sustainable.

Now that we know the game, you can call your local politicians on it before they say a bond is needed.

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