Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is government speak for net regulation. It is technically Net un-Neutrality


Net Neutrality has nothing to do with being “neutral” or making things equal – Net Neutrality is a manor for government control over free speech. Period.

Their objective is to convert the Net into a public utility. This grants them control of your speed on the Net just as they control the power to your home. If they happen to disagree with your Blog and opinions expressed on that Blog – right or left – they will throttle the access to the site to the point it is worthless waiting for the site to load. If you think this is a joke, look at your healthcare system!

This is absolutely not a joke and can and will spiral into your loss of freedom.

The avenues by which government will use to control us are endless on the Net just as they are with free speech and business. Imagine for a moment a world in net neutrality.

How about receiving an “incentive”, a “subsidy / government discount” on your internet bill for installing their chosen browser plugins like an MSNBC tool bar, or possibly force you to only search “approved” sites? Still a fallacy? Look at the solar power industry. Go ahead and try building and installing your own power source. You will be visited by a public utility Nazi. How about corporate discounts and subsidies to Microsoft Bing or Google in exchange for business favors? This is happening now! Or completely converting a search engine into a government chill, predominantly offering CNN content. Computer bloat-ware with pre-installed software (permission to remove denied) for your own good so you can access your Obama Care medical records? The sky is the limit; literally – “limit”.

The Net is the most prolific free speech and open business platform ever conceived. By God’s grace, luck or chance, however you see this, it was granted to the public by an ignorant government. From this mistake, free people have created a massively successful machine of freedom, naturally, just as humans would when graced by God’s innate nature to be free and create good when left free. This is exactly why the Net has become the most dangerous entity to government and the most important tool against government power. This is why they must “neutralize” it. Even the government shills like Google, Facebook and Twitter are already doing some bidding for the government by blocking the free flow of data “they deem as unacceptable speech”. Even giving up personal data on private citizens in Google’s case to help create a crony bond of control between favored business and government.

So as usual, they have deliberately convoluted or “created” an issue through the progressive tactic of disinformation, narrative creating and twisting and lies. As we all know, this is still a fairly unknown issue, because it is NOT an issue. Not an issue which 98% of any user sees except for those losing their vocal monopolies like CNN, ABC, MSNBC, et al, to common sense (a.k.a. Conservative opinion). These news oligarchies have largely drowned out opinions and opposition for decades. The Internet has opened new channels for all to get involved, a historical achievement by nothing more than pure freedom, and a manor to gain information by more than just your nightly news from Tom Brokaw or pundits like Michael Moore. Net Neutrality is a canard invented to silence opposition to progressivism, cronyism, big governmentism, and their propaganda news machines which proliferate such power.

So we freedom lovers must fight this! We must retain our only medium of voice, our platform for opposition to a monolith, and its impact on organized news with citizen news. Additionally, we must maintain our freedom platform for commerce, and business. What they can control in news content they could also control in business. Imagine cronyism on steroids. Blocking businesses in favor for crony businesses.

What the Net is in context of human history is nothing short of a miracle. It is biblically historic how it has benefited humanity, but the spinning point between freedom and despotism is just one law away. The largest commodity to government is control and power through regulation. Simplistic? Yes, it is. So unless there is a basic understand of human history you will not place proper perspective and context on this extremely simplistic yet important freedom we call the Net.

Let place context to this:

Reality #1: The Net gives a voice to “everyone”. Never before in human history, anyone and everyone can speak their mind, share ideas or make a complete fool out of themselves. But it is pure and nearly unregulated freedom. The digital wild wild west, if you will, and almost perfectly self-regulated with public acceptability’s. This is the most freedom ever invented and experimented to a general public. And it works perfectly in context to human flaw!

Reality #2: The 1st Amendment is a freedom and right not even Europe enjoys. Post on FB in Europe something derogatory about Muslims and you can be arrested! Post what I am writing and you can be censored! Our government doesn’t have this level of control “yet”, our 1st Amendment protects us but net neutrality is an end-run right to it. We have a control over government via the Net never seen in the history of governments but this sword cuts both ways doesn’t it. It is not a guaranteed freedom if we allow a small group of people control over it for their benefit. This must be understood.

These realities are not light statements. Please, take a moment in reflection and consider this concept of current reality. Not since humans sat around the invention of fire have we been so free and created a freer medium. All self-regulated, all self-imposed standards of use, and all nearly completely free of government control. And this medium is perfectly successful, so perfect it exposes the fallacy in government rule making. It has created more success than any other medium in human history, educated more people than all global public schools combined, and vocal freedom never experienced before in human history.

This MUST be protected and we MUST stop this government before our last foreseeable free medium becomes controlled by an oppressive government. A government hell-bent on control. Our words, our activity, and our future posterity all rides on this thing called the Net.

Please take 2 minutes here to watch a short video explanation which places everything stated here into perfect context:
The Negative Consequences of Net Neutrality Explained in 2 Minutes

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